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What does UMF® 15+ mean?

The potency of manuka honey is quantified by comparison with the common anti-septic, phenol. Manuka honey with an activity rating of UMF®15+ has an antibacterial potency at least equivalent to a 15% phenol solution. The wonderful thing is that while phenol (and many alternative anti-septic chemicals) are harmful at this potency, UMF® manuka honey can be applied to the skin and eaten freely.

All lloyd sisters manuka honey carries the UMF® 15+ rating. Our honey is tested by independent laboratories to ensure that it has a UMF® activity level of at least 15 and the activity level is often significantly higher than this.

So what does “UMF®” mean

The UMF® system was developed by the scientists who discovered how significant the differences in the medicinal properties of different honeys are. Because they believed passionately in honey’s ability to help people they did not want people to be put off by unknowingly buying a low potency product and getting sub-optimal results.

The UMF® brand is owned and monitored by, and the registered trade mark of, the Active Manuka Honey Association. Because lloyd sisters manuka honey carries the UMF® brand you can be assured that:

  1. our honey is packed in New Zealand under license from AMHA;
  2. our honey is subject to random monitoring to ensure it is of at least of the potency stated; and
  3. we are contributing money from the sale of our honey to further research into this fabulous natural product.